Holocaust Quotations: Windows to the Past

Ken Roman 1945 We instinctively gravitate towards reading quotations because these words reflect immense truths in few words. They are thought-provoking, powerful, emotive, and cautionary. But while we are inspired by them, we must also realize that they are meant to teach us lessons. This is the platform from which we may immerse ourselves into a deeper study of the Holocaust. Every one must study history and gain an understanding of the causes of World War Two, as well as recognizing the roots of Anti-Semitism. I strongly urge you to schedule a visit to a Holocaust museum or enroll in a Holocaust Studies program at a community college. I have gathered numerous quotations from the web. But I have also included quotes from my late cousin, Ken Roman, and from his friend the late Joe Korzenik. They were both imprisoned in Flossenburg concentration camp during World War Two. (Ken wrote extensively about their friendship in his memoirs.)  It is my hope that these quotations will raise awar

Reviews - Romek's Lost Youth The Story of a Boy Survivor

  How does a fledgling self-publisher get reviews for a book nobody has ever heard of before?   We went through the gauntlet - emailing tons of inquiries to periodicals and newspapers in Canada and the United States, jockeying for their attention along with some tens of thousands of other hopeful authors; shipping our paperback copies to designated editors - who in their ivory towers would decide if our book was worthy of their stamp of approval (if they have even read it) and hence be featured in their lofty publication. Apparently, not? Q uel dommage. This experience was quite an eye-opener for me and has reinforced the reality of the playing field, so to speak. Needless to say, the publishing industry is still rooted in a distinct hierarchy that focuses only on a narrow cross-section of (money-making) authors which consist of career authors who have a long line of successful titles to their name, as well as esteemed professionals who have ironed out a unique angle to hawk their bo


No matter your nationality, or religious affiliation, or generation.  We are all called upon to show our respect and remember the six million Jewish men, women and children who were murdered by the Nazis during World War Two. We pray also for the Holocaust survivors of whom many are no longer with us.   Most of all we pray for the hope of our humanity -  to remember, to understand, and to guard against any darkness that might threaten the peace and stability of our future.  The following prayer is one which I composed, to the best of my ability,  to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day.   You may reprint it and distribute it freely. Please join me in prayer.... Dear God,  we ask you to grant eternal peace and rest to all the souls of our brethren whose blood was spilt by the murderers in Auschwitz – Belzec – Bergen-Belson  –   Dachau  –S obibor – Treblinka – Flossenburg   –   Mielec   –   Buchenwald   –    Majdenek – Matthausen   –     Ravensbruck  –  Plaszow  –  Sachsen